$TRUMP420 c r y p t o c u r r e n c y


DCMJ invited Complex to come in their event called Trump420 to hang with them while they rolled 4,200 joints from their headquarters, as well as on Friday for their official demonstration, which was attended by Trump supporters and protesters alike.

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CA: 6ftUfgx5U5GLwygn36nyBbPAayRzDTNze65drJWwtNpx

How to Buy $TRUMP420

01 Have your wallet

Create your Phantom wallet. If you have one, proceed to number 2 step.

02 Have some SOL

Get some SOL to your wallet. This will be used for trading $TRUMP420 .

03 Swap $TRUMP420

Go to Raydium and copy paste the $TRUMP420 contract address. Swap with your desired amount.